White wines

Terre Alte

Terre Alte
Wonderfully elegant and complex, Terre Alte is recognized as one of Italy's most prestigious white wines.

White wines

Terre Alte

Created in 1981, Terre Alte is considered one of Italy’s most prestigious white wines. The balanced blend of Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon grapes, estate-grown at Rosazzo in the historic Terre Alte vineyards, yields a superbly elegant wine with a profusion of intense fruit and flower aromas. A wine of outstanding structure, Terre Alte acquires a wonderfully complex bouquet of tertiary aromas with bottle aging.

The vines are mainly trained on double-arched canes, called Cappuccina system, and planted on Eocenic marly-sandy soil with positive benefits. The 2020 harvest took place in late September. The healthy and perfectly ripe grapes were hand-picked and placed in small crates to preserve the fruit. Gentle destemming was followed by a short maceration and soft crushing. The must was then classified through decantation, and fermented in stainless steel vats. The wine was racked into oak casks to complete alcoholic and then malolactic fermentation. It remained on the yeasts to increase the rich flavour, creamy texture and ageing potential. It was bottled in August 2021 and will develop mature aromas in the years to come.

Rosazzo D.O.C.G. 2020 13,5 % abv.


Tasting notes


Bright and vibrant, with subtle golden hues.


Vibrant, extremely complex and stylish. Floral aromas of orange blossom, jasmine and lilies, enhanced by citrus notes of bergamot, ugli fruit and candied citron, and riper fruit like apricots, flat peaches and yellow raspberries. Alluring tropical scents of mango, papaya and guava are enfolded by sage, thyme, lemongrass and Mediterranean scrubland, with top notes of mastic and lavender. Spicy hints of Sichuan pepper, ginger, saffron and a whisper of nutmeg complete the bouquet.


Complex, suave and harmonious with distinctively well-balanced freshness and body, fruity pulp and grip. Floral hints of hawthorn and elderflower alternate with peaches, walnuts and citrus fruit, closing on a note of sage, samphire, nettles and white pepper. Vibrant minerally sensations mingle beautifully with the full, velvety body creating a refreshing, piquant, tangy and lingering finish.

Food pairings:

Particularly well-suited to fish dishes, excellent with vegetable-based first courses, white meats and cheeses.


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